How to Find LIC Policy Number by Name and Date of Birth?

Find LIC Policy Numbe
Find LIC Policy Numbe

Find LIC Policy Number: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), one of the largest and best-known insurance companies in India was established on 1st September 1956 with the merger of more than 245 future insurance companies. At present, it has 8 zonal offices and 113 divisional offices. LIC offers a variety of insurance plans ranging from pure protection plans i.e. term to savings and investment plans. LIC shows a strong presence in the market by ensuring the safety and security of its customers. Over the years, the company has enhanced its services by introducing a digital system to its customers.

How to find the LIC policy number by name and date of birth? Many of us have parents or we must have invested in LIC plans ourselves. But due to some issues, we have forgotten the policy details or lost the bond. We should explore possibilities. If you have also bought a policy from the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and you are not aware of its current status, then there is no need to worry. You do not need to visit the LIC office to know about its maturity status or premium. Now you can check LIC policy status online. Not only this, you can also know the status of your policy through a message. For this, the policyholder has to follow some easy steps. Apart from this, LIC policyholders have been getting the facility of digital payment through mobile app or website till now and now another new service has been added to it. You can now pay the policy premium through Paytm or make any policy-related payments. LIC has appointed Paytm to provide all its digital payment facilities.

Check LIC Policy Number By Name and Date of Birth

LIC offers many insurance products and investing in these policies is an ongoing assurance. Some people accidentally lose their policy credentials and then will not be able to track their policies. And also, often parents buy policies for their children and do not inform them about the documents. Claiming LIC at the time of death can be a problem for the parents or their loved ones or family member. But there’s no need to worry. Transferring policy numbers from the LIC portal is a hassle-free task. LIC Portal helps its customer to locate the policy number in case he/she forgets or gets it wrong. While getting the policy number, the policyholder needs to use the correct credentials like name and date of birth as given at the time of purchasing the policy.

By login to the LIC portal: While creating an account on the website of LIC, the policyholder is required to provide his/her credentials. The same (credentials) can be used to locate one’s policy number. Simply log into the LIC portal using the accurate credentials, and your policy number will be displayed on your account webpage.

Contact your agent: This step is considered to be the simplest and most efficient of all. By logging in on the agent’s portal on LIC, an agent can easily recover a policyholder’s policy number in no time. The policyholder will only be required to provide the agent with his/her full name and birthdate.

Visit Home Branch: In case the policyholder does not have a digital profile on the LIC portal, he can obtain the policy number by visiting the LIC branch from where the policy was purchased in the first place. LIC officials will start the process by first verifying the nature of the request. After the verification is complete, they provide the requested policy number to the policyholder. An important factor here is that since the policyholder’s data is confidential and has no online presence, LIC will not be able to access the information through online mode.

Visit any LIC branch: If you are unable to visit LIC’s domestic branch, can visit any LIC branch. And can request the policy number by providing his full name and date of birth.

Tips to avoid such complicated situations:

  • The policyholder should keep a record of all the details and information related to his LIC policy.
  • The policyholder should keep his family updated with the information related to insurance.
  • The policyholder should make a proactive effort to keep his/her contact information updated across all LIC policies.
  • The policyholder should regularly track the existing policies to stay updated.
  • Keeping the policy document safe and secure should be the topmost priority of all policyholders.

Check online status like this

Make sure to visit the official website first for offline status. For status registration.
For registration, no fee of any kind is applicable. Your date of birth, name and constellation will be there. Once registered, you can also check your status.
If you have any information you can also on 022 6827 6827. Its number is 9222492224 LIC HELP can also protect the skin. Movies

Get information about SMS

Also, get information for updating from mobile. For this, you have to SMS 56677.
If you get SMS on number 56677 by typing ASKLIC PREMIUM.
If you type Asklik Revival, you will have to SMS.

How to avoid misplacing your policy documents

Keep your policy information or details like policy numbers safe so that you do not have to go through all the complicated procedures. Follow the tips given below for the same:

Always try to keep all your policy documents in one file as this will prevent you from losing the details. You can get them whenever you want. That’s why it is considered a good habit to organize everything in one place.
Policyholders should open a LIC account for the policy by registering/her policy through online mode. After creating a digital account, all the information related to the LIC policy will be stored online and you can find out every detail whenever you want.
Update your policy in case of a change in email, phone number, or address. Always visit the LIC Home Division and update the insurer about the changes.

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